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Mission, Vision and Values

To promote, stimulate, lead and manage a scientific and technological environment dedicated to translational healthcare research generated in the field of the Health Administration of Navarre and with the objective of contributing to the improvement of public health.


The vision of NAVARRABIOMED is expressed in the four fields in which it wishes to work.
We therefore want:

  • To be a benchmark in the area of translational research for the public sector health professionals of Navarre in primary healthcare, in specialised healthcare and in public health, satisfying their scientific needs through an excellent, facilitative and collaborative organisation.
  • To contribute to the improvement in public health in Navarre, and for the public to see NAVARRABIOMED as a reference point in biomedical research that uses the public resources made available to it effectively.
  • To be a generator of knowledge and economic development, with a swift transfer of scientific results to the clinic and to the biopharmaceutical industry.
  • To become a reference point for scientific trust in the national and international field by which development and project partnerships could be brought about.


  • Proximity to the hospital system and therefore real knowledge of public health problems.
  • Recognition of the healthcare professional as the true researcher, the development of whose scientific inquisitiveness must be facilitated.
  • Consideration of the citizen, ill or healthy, as the true driver of NAVARRABIOMED, whose rights must be respected, whose opinions must be heard and whose health needs must be attended to.
  • Alignment with the Public Health Strategy


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