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Strategic plan

In 2007 the Health Department approved the Strategic Health Research Plan of Navarre.

1. Increase of the investigative critical mass

  • Increase researchers through the contracting of personnel dedicated to R+D support
  • Increase the percentage of care professionals dedicating time to research
  • Inclusion of research interns in the investigative critical mass

2. Increase in the level of funding obtained for Navarre

  • Increase the financing received by public organisations through competition
  • Develop policies to encourage private financing

3. Improvement of the management and strategic direction of the research

  • Have an organisational structure in accordance with the management needs of the current research
  • Have R+D support services (methodology, advice, etc.) that facilitate investigative practice
  • Establish a management process for the research funding

4. Growth and adaptation of the current lines of investigation

  • Align research in Navarre around its priority lines
  • Recognise healthcare research as an essential part of daily activity and as a guarantee of quality
  • Create an investigative culture in hospitals

5. Promotion of technology platforms

  • Create autonomous biobanks: banks of brains, tissue and tumours.
  • Give researchers access to the healthcare databases
  • Increase the services deriving from research and commercialise them

6. Creation of partnerships in the field focused on the improvement of research quality

  • Establish stable collaborative links between public and private research
  • Establish partnerships with prestigious centres

7. Improvement of the dissemination of knowledge

  • Disseminate the results of the research to society, the scientific community, the clinical practice and the economic sector
  • Improve the systems of communication and drive the transfer of knowledge and technology to the industrial production sector
  • Encourage the creation of companies through innovation

The Miguel Servet Foundation and the Biomedical Research Centre, now NAVARRABIOMED, have both been directed and developed in consideration of this plan.

The aim of the Miguel Servet Foundation is to promote healthcare research. It coordinates research programs, facilitates the creation and maintenance of stable research teams and supports the research of the healthcare professionals of the Health Service of Navarre through the different units of the Foundation. Since 1 October 2012 it has lead research from its NAVARRABIOMED centre.

To accomplish these aims the Miguel Servet Foundation is structured into the following areas: administrative, project management, clinical trials, methodology and graphic support, and research (NAVARRABIOMED).

The creation of public biomedical research centres is an initiative that began to occur some years ago in the Spanish autonomous communities. These research centres are consolidating themselves thanks to the maintenance of their focus on research and the high quality of their research teams, which has resulted in an improvement in the quality of healthcare. The autonomous communities are making efforts to energise this sector, and instil in their regions traditions of competitive and quality research.

In the case of Navarre, the development of a biomedical research centre constitutes a strategic tool to advance the development of the “Plan Moderna”, or Modelo de Desarrollo económico para Navarra (model of economic development for Navarre). NAVARRABIOMED will have an impact in the region, not just for the development of lines of research complementary to the research carried out in the Health System of Navarre; it will also seek to introduce biotechnology businesses that will invigorate the research of the centre, improve the quality of the research and facilitate the transfer of the results.  

At the end of 2011 the construction of the new NAVARRABIOMED building was completed. The grave economic situation that our country is suffering necessitates a moderated opening of the centre in successive phases. In 2013 we hope to begin development of the research area of the centre in order to fulfil the established plan for the centre in following years.

The new complex has been built with a surface of 7,854 m2, within the 2012 Navarre Plan and subsidised by the ERDF 2007-2013 Operational Programme ‘Navarre’. 

It contains a basement in which the 632 m2 animal facilities will be located, which will include a normal living area and SPF animals. The experimental surgery will also be in the basement. 

The ground floor comprises eight laboratories, each 81.15 m2, intended for research and the R+D+I units of biomedical businesses. The first floor contains six laboratories of the same size intended for technology and research platforms, and two spaces designed specifically for the Biobank and GMP rooms.   

NAVARRABIOMED is structured into four areas of activity:
Internal Research, Platforms, Businesses and Common Services.

1. Internal Research

NAVARRABIOMED will create research groups that will carry out projects in areas of interest to the Health Service of Navarre, such as oncology and neuroscience, for which there are already clinical research groups generating scientific results. Additionally, other “core” areas which are complementary and pivotal to the two aforementioned areas will be implemented, such as immunology and virology.

NAVARRABIOMED’s strategic plan anticipates the existence of three lines of research for oncology and three for neuroscience, with a director in charge of each area.

The lines of research carried out at NAVARRABIOMED will be “singular”, i.e. they will be original in Navarre and will not compete with any other research group carrying out projects in the region. They will also be “strategic”, in that they will aim to strengthen the clinical research of the Health Service of Navarre, as well as the clinical groups carrying out basic research.

2. Platforms

The technology platforms of NAVARRABIOMED are research support units, equipped with specialist technology for the generation of scientific services for biomedical research and for the participation of businesses or research groups in research projects.

Therefore, the objective is not so much to develop internal lines of research, although this possibility is not excluded. It is rather to complement and support the research carried out by the internal research groups of the centre and the R+D+I departments of the businesses participating in these projects.

NAVARRABIOMED will set up joint biotechnology platforms to facilitate the study of complex biological systems through the analysis of genes, proteins and metabolites. These platforms will support the research carried out in Navarre and neighbouring regions, as well as the business sectors which require their services. They will therefore serve as a contribution to the economic and social development of Navarre and the promotion and protection of public health. This will minimise the cost of acquiring expensive equipment and lead to the sharing of personnel and knowledge.

The strategic plan takes into account the biobank, genomic, proteomic, GMP room, animal facilities and experimental surgery platforms.

3. Businesses 

NAVARRABIOMED has offices and laboratories planned to house the R+D+I divisions of biomedical companies who wish to carry out research in the centre and whose research would be synergistic with the platforms and internal research of the centre. The objective is for businesses to establish collaborations with the rest of the components of the centre, strengthening collaborative research projects with the internal research groups and platforms of NAVARRABIOMED and contracting the services of the technology platforms. In this way we intend to reinforce the research carried out at NAVARRABIOMED and procure additional financing.

4. Common Services

The common services are designed to offer the researchers, businesses and platforms centralised research support equipment and installations. The different spaces that comprise the common services are the cryogenics lab, centrifuge/autoclave labs, microscopy/fluorescence lab, freezer rooms, culture labs and sterilisation room.

The combination of these four areas has a strategic end in the viability plan of NAVARRABIOMED: to accelerate and vitalise research through the joint activity of these four agents: the generators of knowledge (research groups), the valuation and results transfer agents (businesses) and the scientific-technical research support services (platforms and common service).

Consequently the objectives of the strategic plan are reached:

• To promote and facilitate the R+D carried out in the Health Department, as well as new lines of research coming from NAVARRABIOMED, through the promotion of joint activities between public and private entities, with the aim of promoting the transfer of knowledge and achieving the clinical application of the research
• To facilitate new research and business opportunities that will generate more financing and improve the quality of the research carried out

This plan will allow NAVARRABIOMED to create:
Synergies between platforms-businesses: 

• Based on the offer of services to businesses, relating to the specific techniques or knowledge of the platform’s personnel
• Based on collaboration on projects of interest to the company

Synergies between research groups-businesses: 
• Joint participation in research projects of interest to both groups, based on the complementarity of the centre’s internal areas of research and the research specifics chosen by the company regarding the development of their products

Synergies between research groups-platforms: 

• Based on the offer of services to the research groups, relating to the specific techniques or knowledge of the platform’s personnel
• Based on collaboration on projects of interest to the research group

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