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Miguel Servet Foundation


In 1986 the Government of Navarre established the Miguel Servet Foundation which is under its patronage and protected by the Fuero Nuevo legislation. 

Through the agreement of 18 July 2012, the Government of Navarre has updated the aims of the Foundation. Its principal objective remains the contribution to the promotion of healthcare research in Navarre. To reinforce the Foundation the Biomedical Research Centre, previously affiliated with the Health Service of Navarre, and currently under the name Navarrabiomed has been integrated into it.  

The foundation is covered by the tax regulations established in the current Navarrese Regional Law 10/1996, of July 2, which regulates the taxing of foundations and of patronage.

It is constituted as an organism of scientific and technical support of the Health Administration of Navarre for the promotion of healthcare research, according to article 91 of the Regional Health Law. 

The Miguel Servet Foundation participates in the detection of health problems that require investigation; it drives and guides the biomedical research of the Public Health System of Navarre, with special attention on translational research in primary healthcare, specialised healthcare and public health with cooperative teams; it collaborates with the public and private business sector in order to achieve synergy and practical results; it guarantees technology platforms adequate for high-level research and increases the investigative critical mass, synergies and efficient use of infrastructure; it promotes the participation of Health Department research groups in national and international networks; it procures economic resources for research; it disseminates the results of the research. It also directly supports research through methodology units, clinical research, project management and graphic documentation.

For these functions it receives income from the Health Department itself, from donations on the part of organisations and individuals, from collaboration agreements and provisions of services with businesses, from the execution of clinical trials in the Health Service of Navarre and from the financing obtained for projects and research and innovation resources.

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