Haematological Oncology

    Haematological Oncology
    Haematological Oncology
    Translational research

    The Haematology-Oncology Research Unit boosts translational research for the monitoring of virus-specific lymphocyte subpopulations, the search of new soluble biomarkers of malignant neoplasms in the gastrointestinal tract and the in vitro development of 3D models of microscopic human physiological structures.
    Its efforts are made possible by close collaboration with the clinical staff at the Haematology, Oncology, Digestive System and Anatomical Pathology Services at the Navarra Hospital Complex, and with other Research Units at Navarrabiomed, namely, Oncobiona Tras and Neuroepigenetics.

    Lines of research:

    • The biological role of the immune system in the clinical evolution of haematologic neoplasms.
    • The biological role of CTCs as a trigger for metastasis.
    • Modelling and 3D printing of the human blood-brain barrier.
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    Haematological Oncology
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    Ramírez Huerto
    Head of the Unit
    Haematological Oncology

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