The Innovation Support Unit, supported by the Department of Health of Navarra Government, promotes and supports innovative initiatives within the Navarra public healthcare system in order to:

  • Increase the quality of health services.
  • Guide the strategic innovation needs.
  • Improve the profitability of biomedical research in the region.

At present, the following activities are being implemented:

  • Promotion of an innovative culture by raising awareness and building capacity sessions aimed at healthcare professionals.   
  • Support the entire Health Innovation Cycle by providing services for the identification of needs, developing ideas, seeking external funding for their implementation and evaluation and transfer of results to the public healthcare system and to the market. 
  • Cooperation between the industry and entrepreneurship & innovation support services for the co-development and testing of new technology-based and organisational solutions.

inDemand is a EU project funded by Horizon 2020 aiming at the development of  a new model supporting health innovation from the demand, looking for the co-creation of new digital services by healthcare professionals and  companies with the financial support of regional public funds. Within this framework, companies co-develop solutions to meet the needs previously identified by health professionals.

You can check how we are going to implement the inDemand model in Navarra in this link: InDemand Navarra.

Innovation idea
Innovation success case
Cooperation with industry

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