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Miguel Servet Foundation
Miguel Servet Foundation

Miguel Servet Foundation was established by the Government of Navarra by virtue of Regional Decree 211/1986, of 26 September. Since 2006, it has had the status of a public organisation governed by private law.

The Foundation is the agency that has managed the activity of the biomedical research center Navarrabiomed since its establishment. In addition, it serves as a scientific and technical support platform for the development of research, innovation and training activities targeted at professionals in the public health administration.





  • Una persona representante del Departamento con competencias en política económica del Gobierno de Navarra designado por la consejería de este Departamento
    Izaskun Goñi Razquin 
  • Una persona representante del Departamento competente en I+D+i del Gobierno de Navarra designada por la consejería de este Departamento
    Agurtzane Martínez Ortigosa
  • Responsable del Servicio con competencias en investigación innovación y formación del Departamento de Salud
    Idoia de Gaminde Inda



Distinctive features

Result-oriented efforts in terms of health and social benefits
Commitment to excellence and innovation
Rational, efficient use of resources
Cross-cutting approach and interdisciplinary collaboration
Engagement with professionals and citizens at large
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