EUREGHA Network Director Valentina Polylas visits Navarrabiomed

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EUREGHA Network Director Valentina Polylas visits Navarrabiomed

Marisol Fragoso met Valentina Polylas, EUREGHA Network Director (European regional and local health authorities). Polylas visited Navarrabiomed with Mikel Irujo, Management Director of External Action, Citizen Relations Department of the Government of Navarra, to know about the public biomedical research carried out in Navarra.

Marisol Fragoso presented the center's funding model, its activity and processes, as well as its coordination with the public administration. In addition, she put forward to strategic alliances and professional synergies in biomedical research and in European cooperation throughout the meeting.

The day ended with a working session organized by the Government of Navarra focused on funding opportunities in health sector for the next european period 2021-2027. Valentina Polylas and Anett Ruszanov, project manager of the ERRIN Network (Research and Innovation Network of the European Regions) were some of the speakers as well as other relevant professionals from Navarre institutions and companies.


Marisol Fragoso, Valentina Polylas and Mikel Irujo