Translational Medical Oncology

    Translational Medical Oncology
    Translational Medical Oncology
    Medicina de precisión en Oncología Médica

    The Translational Medical Oncology Unit focuses on developing projects that facilitate the transition to precision medicine in the field of medical oncology in Navarra. To do this, we integrate translational research, understood as the link between the clinic and the laboratory, and basic research, understood as the study of the biology that characterises carcinogenesis and its progression. Our lines focus on the study of genetic alterations in both tumour biopsy and liquid biopsy, with the aim of identifying molecular biomarkers that facilitate the management of the disease. In addition, we study the immune component and its interaction with tumour cells, to characterise key cell populations in the development of new strategies in immunotherapy. 

    Lines of research:

    • Establishment and monitoring of the blood and plasma sample collection circuit 
    • Development of translational research projects
    • Training in the area of translational research for Medical Oncology residents

    Navarrabiomed-Centro de Investigación Biomédica
    Hospital Universitario de Navarra, edificio de investigación.
    C/ Irunlarrea 3. 31008 Pamplona, Navarra. España