Escors Murugarren

David Escors Murugarren
Escors Murugarren ,
"Gure helburua, minbizia sendatzea"
Zuzendutako tesiak
María Gato Cañas
Study of two barriers in melanoma immunotherapy: Myeloid derived suppressor cells and PDL1/PD1 interaction.
Alessio Lanna
Molecular Tuning of Telomerase Activity in Senescent Human T cells.
Christopher Bricogne
Plasma membrane dynamics regulating the PD-1: PD-L1 pathway.
Therese Maria Liechtenstein
Lentivector-based cancer immunotherapy silencing PD-L1 and modulating cytokine priming; Development of ex vivo myeloid-derived suppressor cells to assess therapeutic efficacy.
Mehdi Baratchian
Understanding the mechanisms of NF-kB activation by viral oncoproteins vFLIP and Tax.
Holly Nicole Stephenson
Innate Immune Recognition of Glycosylated Surface Determinants of Campylobacter jejuni.