Allergology and clinical immunology

    Allergology and clinical immunology
    Allergology and clinical immunology
    Anaphylaxis, asthma, immunotherapy and food

    The Allergy Research Unit is composed of clinical research staff from the Allergy Service of the University Hospital of Navarra, with extensive previous research experience in asthma and allergen immunotherapy.

    Its current objectives also address anaphylaxis with various approaches: epidemiology, diagnosis and prevention.

    It collaborates with regional research networks (Navarra Health Research Institute: IdiSNA), national research networks (Asthma, Adverse and Allergic Reactions Network (ARADYAL) of the Carlos III Health Institute and Carlos III Institute Research NETWORK: Cyber Respiratory) and international research networks (Network of Online Registration of Anaphylaxis), and with the Spanish Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, as well as with the Navarra private company InnoUp Pharma (drug development based on the use of nanoparticles) and with Eversens S.L. (development of nitric oxide measuring devices).

    Lines of research:

    • Oral treatment for severe allergic reaction to peanuts.
    • Comprehensive care for patients with anaphylaxis, in collaboration with the International Anaphylaxis Registry.
    • Remote cross-consultations in allergies (Telemedicine): impact on Covid-19 vaccination of patients with allergic diseases.

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