Innovation unit
unidad de innovación

Innovation Unit

The Innovation Support Unit, promoted by the Department of Health of the Government of Navarra, aims to promote, support and channel innovation ideas and initiatives from the Navarra public health system.

  • To raise the quality of health services provided.
  • To guide the strategic innovation needs of the system.
  • To improve the economic return of public health research in our community.

The following lines of work are currently being developed:

  • Promotion of the culture of innovation through communication, dissemination and training initiatives for public system personnel.
  • Comprehensive support to the innovation cycle, from capturing the idea or need, its maturation, development and search for external financing, evaluation of results, to its transfer to the public health system itself and to the market.
  • Cooperation with industry and business development and entrepreneurship support services for the co-development and testing of new technological and organizational solutions of the industry and entrepreneurial community in the public health system.

In these infographics you can see the main steps we take to protect innovative findings at the Miguel Servet - Navarrabiomed Foundation. 

Technology Portfolio

Social Innovation Initiatives


Innovation policy