Minister Santos Induráin highlights the role of innovation in improving health care

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Minister Santos Induráin highlights the role of innovation in improving health care

The most innovative proposals have been presented, this morning, during the First Ceremony of Health Innovation Projects. Minister Santos Indurain participated this morning in the First Ceremony of Health Innovation Projects, organized by the Navarrabiomed Innovation Unit, to publicize the initiatives that have emerged in the Department of Health of the Government of Navarra. She also stressed that “the use of new technologies in this field and their integration into more traditional structures has become part of the debate of the agenda of the future.”


The Minister has highlighted the role of the Innovation Unit that, from Navarrabiomed, provides support services to the implementation of R+D+i initiatives in the public health ecosystem of Navarra. “It has become a fundamental pillar for the advancement and promotion of projects within the Department of Health. It enables a better management of technology transfer, as a link between the public sector and private companies, promoting calls for projects and financing in health innovation and facilitating collaboration between the different stakeholders of the health innovation ecosystem at the regional, national and international levels.”

Likewise, this event has been the forum to learn about the latest technological innovation projects developed in the Navarra Health Service (SNS-O). After the presentation of the different proposals, Beatriz Pérez Urbina, head of the Innovation Unit at Navarrabiomed he explained the operation, as well as the works developed in the unit and Iñaki Bernal, General Director of Technology of Unicredit, gave a talk on the “Adoption of innovation in complex organizations”. The ceremony was closed by Carlos Artundo, Director General of Health.
inDemand, four on-demand innovation projects

Also presented during the ceremony were the four projects developed within the inDemand framework, a European program funded by Horizon 2020, whose objective is to develop a new model in which healthcare organizations and companies co-develop digital health solutions that solve the needs previously been detected by healthcare professionals.
Navarra launched the inDemand model with the aim of developing four innovative digital solutions that would respond to challenges and needs for Innovation in Health, posed by professionals of the Navarra Health Service (SNS-O).
Between 2020 and 2021, the challenges or problems that required a digital solution were identified by the SNS-O, through a call from the Department of Health, addressed to health professionals.

Then, a call was launched for the support of projects for the co-development and validation of digital solutions by companies and the promoters of the challenges funded by the Department of Universities, Innovation and Digital Transformation.
The selected companies had the support of the European Business and Innovation Centre of Navarra (CEIN) and the Development Society of Navarra (Sodena) in their co-development.

Specifically, the four projects are as follows:

CONECTASOS by the company iAR that developed a solution composed of an app and a web platform that improve the coordination of those involved in the management and transport of patients in emergency situations. It allows connecting the Advanced Life Support ambulances (ASVAs), the emergency coordination centre (112-SOS Navarra) and the Emergency triage team of the HUN.

MICENTRO carried out by the company Adhoc that created a communication channel, through SMS messaging that improves the management of appointments (reminder and /or reassignment of appointments, consultations and processes) and the proposal of relevant information (campaigns, alerts, activity agenda) by health centres to their patients and users.

QuiroHelp : The company TEDCAS has promoted an App with a chatbot service to improve the response time of the instrumentalist nursing staff in the operating room of the HUN, thanks to access to protocols, surgical practices and location information of instruments and materials in storage.

UMD360 with the company ANASINF that develops an information and consultation App of the Multidisciplinary Gynaecological Cancer Unit for patients with this type of tumour. It contains accurate and up-to-date information about the diagnosis, treatment protocols, follow-up and warning of adverse effects thereof. It also has a direct messaging system to be processed by the nursing staff who manage cases.
More innovation to improve healthcare

Among the other projects presented, two responded to challenges proposed in inDemand, but they were not funded within the framework of the call:
TIC BERTIZ funded by the 2020 call of MEDTECH Navarra de CEIN, being awarded the second place. It is a Smart Telematics Application for the Safe Internal Transfer of Patients, which allows comprehensive management and a secure, unified and confidential channel of interprofessional communication via telematics.

MAPSMOCHILA which was executed through a TFG (Final Degree Project) between SNS-O and UPNA. App for selecting the material out of an emergency bag that the healthcare worker needs to use at any given time, indicating its location inside the case. In addition, an inventory process of the materials is included to reduce the times of inoperability, by means of RFID technology (Radio Frequency Identification).

Finally, the SNS-O through Home Hospitalization has worked during the pandemic with the company VITIO in the telemonitoring of patients. VITEMP it is a temperature sensor, and Home Hospitalization (HaD) collaborated in the development of the clinical trial so the medical device would obtain the CE marking. A procedure still under way.