MIT representatives visit Navarre in search of biomedicine and entrepreneurship partnerships

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MIT representatives visit Navarre in search of biomedicine and entrepreneurship partnerships

A team of representatives from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) recently visited Pamplona in search of potential collaborators in the field of entrepreneurship and biomedicine.

The US delegation included Klaus R. Schleicher, Director of Corporate Relations at MIT, and Eduardo Garrido, Program Director at MIT’s Office of Corporate Relations. They were welcomed by Manu Aierdi, Minister of Economic Development and Business of Navarre. The team from the Regional Government of Navarre also included Izaskun Goñi, General Director of Business, Internationalization and Work Policies; Carlos Artundo, Director-General for Health; Yolanda Blanco, Director-General for Industry, Energy and Strategic S3 Projects; and Roi Villar, Chief of Staff for the Department of Universities, Innovation and Digital Transformation.

The team’s stay in Pamplona was kicked off with a visit to Navarrabiomed’s biomedical research centre, where a meeting was held with members of the technical work committee for the personalized healthcare strategy. Iñigo Lasa, Director of Navarrabiomed, and Angel Alonso, Principal Investigator of the Genomic Medicine Unit, also attended the meeting. 

The MIT representatives then visited the facilities of the Centre for Applied Medical Research (CIMA), the Navarran European Business Innovation Centre (CEIN) and the Universidad Pública de Navarra (UPNA).

This collaboration with the American biomedical industry is expected to continue in the next few months. Potential partnerships will be explored through future group visits such as those of students in the Harvard Biotechnology Club, businesspeople and research personnel, as well as the attendance of some of these visitors at BioSpain 2020, an international meeting held in Pamplona in September.