The PharmaNAGEN initiative, led by Navarrabiomed, recognized Best International Practice in Personalized Medicine

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The PharmaNAGEN initiative, led by Navarrabiomed, recognized Best International Practice in Personalized Medicine

The project, coordinated from the Genomic Medicine Research Unit of Navarrabiomed by Juan José Beloqui Lizaso, in collaboration with the Pharmacy Service of the HUN, has been acknowledged in the international awards granted by ICPerMed. 

Medicina Genómica y Bioinformática Traslacional de Navarrabiomed.

The International Consortium for Personalized Medicine (ICPerMed), has awarded "PharmaNAGEN" ‘Best International Practice in Personalized Medicine’ for its work in the implementation of genomic medicine in healthcare practice. The project aims to implement Pharmacogenetics in the Public Health System and professionals from the Pharmacy Sub-directorate, the Digestive and Haematology Services of the HUN and from the Innovation and Organization Section of the Navarra Health Service-Osasunbidea, as well as from the Genomic Medicine and Translational Bioinformatics Units of Navarrabiomed.

Juan José Beloqui Lizaso, specialist doctor of the HUN Pharmacy Service, Navarrabiomed researcher and coordinator of ‘PharmaNAGEN’, will collect the award on June 21st at a meeting organized by the consortium in Brussels, which internationally recognizes the initiative.
PharmaNAGEN has been awarded 1.5 million by the General Directorate of Industry, Energy and Innovation, of the Department of Economic Development, within the framework of the S4 Smart Specialization Strategy. The project is part of the NAGEN program, that pursues the advancement in the knowledge and use of genomic analysis technology in the public health network of Navarra, together with NAGENMx, NAGENCOL, NAGENPediatrics and NAGEN1000, the latter also recognized in 2020 in the awards granted annually by ICPerMed. 

Promoting precision medicine in SNS-O

PharmaNAGEN has worked on obtaining the individual pharmacogenetics profile that makes us unique in relation to the efficacy and toxicity of drugs. In this regard, the project has created a prescription assistance tool that, based on this profile, will offer recommendations to clinicians that help to individualize pharmacological therapies. This has been possible thanks to the development of tools and procedures for obtaining that genetic profile in a simple way through mass sequencing techniques and the systematic review of the scientific literature and the main guidelines to choose those most effective and adapted to the reality of the Foral Community. In all, the pharmacogenetics profile of 274 patients and 114 recommendations have been obtained for 52 commonly used drugs.

About ICPerMed

The International Consortium for Personalized Medicine, ICPerMed, brings together more than 30 international partners, mainly European, and is funded by the European Commission. Its main objective is to promote joint initiatives in personalized medicine and encourage research.