"Programa NAGEN"

Navarrabiomed has developed several innovative projects in the area of personalized precision medicine since 2016:

These initiatives are supported by the Government of Navarre within the European Smart Specialization Strategy (S3) and fall within the context of the NAGEN Program, which pursues the advancement of knowledge in genomic analysis technology and its use in the Navarre public health system. 

The common denominator of each project is the use of information contained in patients’ genome to improve management and treatment of recruited patients. The information contained in their genome is cross-checked against other aspects of their disorder and the information on their medical record. The combination of these sources of genomic and clinical information often makes it possible to specify the causes of certain disorders, provide a more accurate diagnosis or make changes to patient-management guidelines in each case that are specifically designed for the patient’s characteristics (personalized medicine).

The Genomic Medicine Unit led by Dr. Ángel Alonso Sánchez is responsible for the NAGEN Program, as well as coordinating and carrying out its projects. The team is currently made up of medical professionals in a wide range of specialties and experts in genetics, biochemistry, bioinformatics and supercomputing. 

Goals of the NAGEN Program  

  • To improve patient care and quality of life.
    To identify genetic alterations for more accurate diagnosis in diseases of unknown origin and to establish potential therapeutic targets.

  • To encourage biomedical research.
    To make contributions to scientific knowledge to help explore new research areas that open up pathways to new, more effective prevention methods and treatments. 
  • To develop and implement new technologies.
    To make progress in the development of the Navarre biotech sector at the cutting edge of knowledge in Spain and the world.