Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials
Clinical Trials

COVID-19 information for biomedical research. April 2020.

The Navarrabiomed Clinical Trials Platform is actively working for researchers in the Navarra public health system. The objective is to facilitate the development of clinical studies of COVID-19 for patients of the Health Service of Navarra - Osasunbidea.

The Clinical Trials Platform (Plataforma de Ensayos Clínicos, PEC) is the platform for the comprehensive coordination and management of the clinical trials performed in the health centres reporting to the Navarra Health Department and the relevant autonomous agencies. It is also a vessel for the promotion, support and facilitation of clinical trials and observational studies for both commercial studies sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry and independent research.

The goals of PEC are:

  1. To offer support infrastructure for clinical research to professionals in the medical sector.
  2. To facilitate, support and advise promoters and CROs in order to simplify procedures and speed up processing times.
  3. To promote clinical research and integrate it into clinical practice, in an effort to offer patients access to new treatments and drugs, which would otherwise be unavailable, guaranteeing their safety.

At present, PEC manages 195 clinical trials led by 77 researchers with 22 different specialties. They are all aimed at promoting people’s health and wellbeing, offering new solutions and bringing hope to patients with no further treatment options.

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Clinical Trials

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