Protein Crystallography and Structural Immunology

    Protein Crystallography
    Protein Crystallography and Structural Immunology
    Understanding molecular alterations in the immune system

    The Protein Crystallography and Structural Immunology Unit studies the molecular mechanisms that regulate microbe and tumour antigen presentation and the associated immune response. Using a variety of techniques, the team is focused on fully deciphering, through X-ray crystallography, molecular alterations in a number of components of the immune system.

    The studies being conducted by scientists in this Unit aim at understanding the mechanisms and pathways involved in antigen presentation not fully understood with our current knowledge. The ultimate goal is to provide the most detailed picture of yet unknown immune responses to rare antigens. The research is dedicated to finding new therapeutic approaches for the treatment of cancer and infectious diseases.

    Lines of research:

    • The structural basis of antigen-antibody recognition.
    • Pathogen-host interaction.
    • Structure of immune system elements.
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    Protein Crystallography
    Protein Crystallography

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