Protein Crystallography and Structural Immunology

    Protein Crystallography
    Protein Crystallography and Structural Immunology
    Understanding molecular alterations in the immune system

    The Unit of Protein Crystallography and Structural Immunology investigates the molecular and structural bases that mediate the presentation and recognition of both foreign antigens, those found in pathogens or tumors, and self antigens (autoantigens), which are associated with autoimmune diseases.
    To address these questions, researchers at this Unit combine, amongst other, disciplines of protein engineering and structural determination, such as X-ray crystallography.
    These studies set out to understand novel mechanisms and pathways involved in antigen presentation, or resolve others that remain ill defined and are not fully understood with the current knowledge. These investigations are oriented to contribute to the development of novel and efficient medicines that treat and cure disease.

    Research lines and areas of interest:

    • Structure of TCR-pMHC and Fab-antigen complexes.
    • Molecular mimicry
    • Structural bases of antigen recognition.
    • Structural determination of components of the immune system.
    • Pathogen-host interactions.
    • Vaccine development.
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    Protein Crystallography
    Protein Crystallography

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