UPNA Biotechnology Degree students visit Navarrabiomed

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UPNA Biotechnology Degree students visit Navarrabiomed

One of Navarrabiomed’s strategic objectives is to publish its findings and provide information on careers in science in order to spark the curiosity and interest of secondary school and university students in this field of study. The Proteomics Unit therefore recently organized a visit from third-year Biotechnology students at the Universidad Pública de Navarra (UPNA) as a practical activity for the subject Protein Engineering.

About twenty students visited the center on Friday, 26 March for a round-table discussion on career options in basic and translational research, and in the corporate world. Participating in the discussion were Joaquín Fernández Irigoyen, Enrique Santamaría Martínez, Imanol Arozarena and Jacinto López Sagaseta from Navarrabiomed, José Luis Lanciego as a guest researcher at CIMA, and Juan Manuel Llabot, the head of R&D at the company Ojer Pharma. Their presentations raised many questions among the students on the profiles in greatest demand on the market, how to expand on university studies, and how to embark on a career in science after leaving the university.

The group then visited the laboratories of the Proteomics Platform and Protein Crystallography and Structural Immunology Unit at Navarrabiomed to acquire firsthand knowledge of the equipment and techniques used and the day-to-day activities performed for different national and international projects. 

Navarrabiomed organized this visit following the security protocols and the COVID-19 regulations in force in Navarra.

Round table: Imanol Arozarena, José Luis Lanciego and Juan Manuel LLabot
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Jacinto López during his intervention
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Joaquín Fernández explains the activity of the Proteomics laboratory
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